It’s amazing how you get really excited about something, hit one stumbling block and then all of your excitement vanishes in a puff of smoke. I have that with RSS, I do not know why but even the term makes me want to fall asleep.

Anyway…I set up my account on bloglines and have subscribed to a few feeds: 025.431: The Dewey blog and Librarians’ Internet Index being the two top ones. The Dewey blog seems really interesting, they talk about crap and then DDC it. One of the latest entries was about the drought in Australia, the USA and Bulgaria and how you’d assign items to do with it. i.e. I’d assign a work on monitoring and predicting drought around the world at 363.3492963 – Droughts + Surveilance (not that we’d ever use such a longwinded number). Although they do get a lot more longwinded – 796.510979589 which is backpacking in Deschutes County, Oregon, USA.

The Librarians’ Index is a tad different, they seem to post an interesting webpage/topic each day. Seems like way too much to read to me but I can flick and ignore at will!

My subscriptions are available at

Oh, and I found it very difficult to figure out how to create the above, I had to fiddle with my account to make it public, then choose yet ANOTHER username (even though I have one) and then find a way to the bloglines homepage and click on Blogrolls (which I guessed was what I needed). Ah well, all done now!

#8 Make life “really simple” with RSS & a newsreader

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