Hmm, this didn’t go so well either (probably because it is to do with rss which stands for either Really Stupid Stuff or Randomly Stuffed Scribble…I can’t remember which).

I started by picking websites I sometimes go to. None of them had rss things on them…not that I could find them even if I wanted to as the symbols are always tiny!

I then tried searching Google Blogs thing. It searched the contents of blogs (great for if I wanted to find a post) but not the general topic…all I wanted was a blog on Liechtenstein (maybe just a news blog…I couldn’t find an rss feed on the Liechtensteiner Vaterland which just goes to prove that I am destined to be rss-less).

Next step…Feedster. Same problem as Google Blog Search.

Topix on the other hand…I searched for Liechtenstein. Not only did it do the above but it also recommended that I look at the Liechtenstein News page which was just what I wanted. Down the bottom in tiny little letters was the rss area. Did you know that Prince Hans-Adam II von and zu Liechtenstein is worth US$4.5 billion and is the 6th richest royal in the world? Lucky bugger.

With Technorati I did like the tabs that let me filter my search from blogs/videos/etc (even if all the photos were holiday snaps of people I didn’t know).

With the database search, I found an orange button and clicked it (which turned out to be an rss button luckily). What I am sent daily is a list of articles relating to my search term. I can click on a button to access the full text (which hopefully means I won’t need to log in…I will have to try from home).

#9 Finding Feeds

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