I’ve used LibraryThing before so it was a quite easy activity for me to use it again. I had 25 of my own books on there already and added a few more so I could write about it on here. I think it’s quite a good idea but honestly can’t see the practical use of it for most people (maybe apart from the Suggester). I do like how it can link into the opac of a library catalogue and ‘recommend’ books, and I suppose that really wouldn’t work without all of us people out there making catalogues on there.

I did like it how it told me that I had a duplicate in my library already. But, when I searched for new books, there was no way of clicking on the book to see if it was the right one (especially as my covers were different to the ones I found).

Anyways, it’s available at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/tas666

#11 All about LibraryThing

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