Maybe I’m too much of a cataloguer, but I like tagging stuff with uniform tags. I understand how tagging works (and I quite like the idea of people tagging within a library catalogue), but I do understand that it needs a wide userbase to work (ie, of the 60,000 active Brimbank borrowers, I doubt any more than 200 would add any tags to our catalogue, this wouldn’t be very helpful). Tagging in a union catalogue would be of more use if all of the member libraries had access to the tags.

Anyways, an online favourites thing like might be of use, I update some of my favourites every time I log on (ie for webcomics where I read them sporadically, they have to be updated to the last time I read them) and I didn’t see that as very easy with

Umm, it’s rather late and I’m a tad uncaring about this at the moment (bad I kn0w) so I’ll natter some more tomorrow.

Oh! I added a ‘search Brimbank’s catalogue’ thing to my sidebar. I always wondered if it would work so I want everyone to search for a book in our catalogue. Go search. Now. (Although it’s possibly screwed because our webserver is cracking the irits this week). Try anyway!

(I also have a tag in my sidebar…gee that word is hard to type)

PS Library User Calculator. Cool (although none of our magazines are $2…and who buys a movie for $4? Are they only buying crap?)

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