Today’s post comes courtesy of my friend’s laptop and is made using Windows Vista. An interesting experience which involves lots of pretty (but useless) things that slow down my ‘computer experience’.

Anyways, today I looked at Technorati. Oddly enough, a search for Learning 2.0 (in the blogs tab) does NOT bring Helene Blowers blog up first. Luckily it’s on the first page, but LibraryBytes is down the bottom of the first page when I performed my search. She’s lower down because she has less ‘Authority’ (click on the word to read Technorati’s definition).

Because Library 2.0 is kind of boring to search for (I think I’ve had enough of it for this week), I searched for Liechtenstein (bet you didn’t see that coming!). As of today (October 5, 2007), there were 3663 blog posts about Liechtenstein (the first was a Runescape guide of all things), 33 blogs about Liechtenstein (including one called the Liechtenstein National Blog which wasn’t in any of the languages spoken in Liechtenstein) and some videos and photos of Liechtenstein which were mostly crap. For some reason, a lot of sites on Liechtenstein are in Japanese…I’m wondering if it’s a popular Japanese tourist destination…then again, one of the sites was on getting an internship in Liechtenstein so maybe Japanese bankers want to work there due to the lack of tax.

With the search results, they seem to be chronologically ordered for blog posts and popularly ordered for blogs. Great for blogs I guess, bad for posts. The Runescape thing only mentioned Liechtenstein because Runescape now has more players than Liechtenstein has residents (34,247 residents of Liechtenstein according to the CIA World Factbook entry.

All in all, I think Technorati is probably the best blog search engine of them all (even if it’s not the most comprehensive, it was very easy to use) and I’ve signed up and all so that other people can read the boringness that is my life.

Speaking of my life, hi to all the CCLC readers out there!!!

#14 Getting not-so-technical with Technorati

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