I love YouTube. I use it to watch music clips and parts of old comedy shows (like FastForward). I am quite glad that they merged with GoogleVideo (as having it compete was a bit silly when they did the same thing but YouTube’s interface was better).

For a library website, I really like the ‘Related Videos’ feature. We could use that in the catalogue for related books. Or we might even catalogue YouTube videos. If there was anything of value to my community, I cannot see any reason we wouldn’t catalogue the media. We could possibly even embed the player in the catalogue record (although what MaRC tag I’d use for that I don’t know!). Maybe I’ll try it and see what happens. Wish me luck!

I’ve tried to embed one of my favourite YouTube clips below…hopefully it works! All I’ve done is copy the ‘Embed’ text below.

#20 You too can YouTube

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