Hmm, I didn’t go so well with this exercise. I am not really an ‘audio’ person. I don’t listen to the radio and would much rather watch something than listen to it (ie I’d rather read a book than have someone read it to me).

I did a search of Podcast Alley for Liechtenstein and came up with a ‘school’ in Liechtenstein that supposedly does them. I am a tad confused as to what the school is though because, after watching the podcasts (which all turned out to be videos), it looks like it is a school for Jonny Knoxville wannabees. Ah well.

The search engine sucks, I tried finding a podcast on Dana International (an Israeli singer) and ended up with all the podcasts with the word Dana OR the word International in it. I couldn’t figure out how to get only the ones with both.

I then just randomly clicked on one of the podcasts on the front page (some Harry Potter one called MuggleCast) and the first entire minute and a half was taken up with ads…one for something called with some lecherous sounding man…ugh.

Just a note…the size of some of the podcasts is HUGE. The one I started listening to was 24meg for 44 minutes. I guess that’s not too much really…not compared to video files.

If I see podcasts of things I’m interested in then I might listen to them, otherwise I don’t really see myself doing this on any regular basis.

For a library, I think it would be good to podcast interviews with local residents for a local history project, or even podcasts of speakers that come to the library (if you can get the permission of the speaker that is). I’ve seen some libraries do podcasts about their libraries…’the reserve collection is kept on the second floor of the Dumbledoor Library’…that kind of thing (yes, I’m still listening to the H.Potter podcast). I’m not sure about this, I guess for people who are more audio-based it would be a good idea.

#21 Podcasts, Smodcasts!

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