HAHAHA. Oh you have to do this.

I listened to the start of David Copperfield done by some computer voice. It’s rather funny. Click on cprfd001.mp3. It contains the contents of the book. For example; ”Tommy rattles, ex ex vee eye eye” hehehe.

I think that computer-generated voices will need a bit more work. Without tones, the book sounds ridiculous and boringly read. Good audiobooks are read by good readers. Compare the above against Briar Rose read by a human. Her voice and tones aren’t fantastic, but at least she knows where and how long to pause.

Anyways, this activity was supposed to be about audiobooks. I think it’s a very good idea for them to be online (maybe not in my library’s area where home computer usage is very low, but in general they are a fantastic idea). In fact, I’ve mentioned LibriVox before. LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Unfortunately the files are not streamed like those from Project Gutenberg and I had to download individual chapters to my computer…but it’s still free!

I think these would be great in the catalogue. If I could (somehow) link the 505 Contents note to the actual chapters of each of these e-books, I’d love it. I’m listening to Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 1 in Chinese. It’s recorded in Mandarin and Hokkien, with some chapters in Taiwanese or Cantonese. I wish I could do it…hmmm…nope, not easily I can’t. Bugger.

#22 Audiobooks (or “The end is in sight “)

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