Hello all, today is a good day. Yesterday Amlib (our library management system) announced that they had been acquired by OCLC. Lucky Amlib! I’m a bit suprised actually, Amlib is quite a small LMS compared to, well, OCLC’s company size. I know that they are interested in AmlibNet, the online version of Amlib. They’re possibly interested in it because you can change everything about the interface. That would mean they could use the one piece of software and port it over to many different language groups. A Chinese language version of Amlib could easily be created by an enterprising customer (or, as OCLC have just purchased it, probably by an enterprising staff member).

Some other good news is that I am going on holiday for 2 weeks on Monday. Yay to time off work!

Some updates from work. I am still creating our library catalogue. I have posted some screen shots below to show you what it will look like. The ‘New Books’ box on the right comes direct from an rss feed and scrolls whilst you’re looking at it. Results are grouped and I’m still working on neatening some things up on that page. Enjoy!

The catalogue search page

The results page

Amlib goes to OCLC and our catalogue comes underway

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