My last post was sent whilst I was away on holidays. I cheated and wrote it beforehand and scheduled it to ‘post’ itself whilst I was away. The beauty of technology.

Whilst I was sunning myself in Queensland I had a chance to visit a few libraries. At one library I had a tour of their absolutely fantastic building (I am sure it is worth squillions of dollars). At another library I snuck in and looked around without anyone being any the wiser.

The ‘snuck around’ library was the Logan Hyperdome Library at the Logan Hyperdome shopping centre. The only reason I went there was it had a drive through. I’d never experienced a library with a drive through before and I was very excited. I have determined that the drive-through is only there because they have no parking and it is better to have people queue in a car to return/pick up items than park illegally.

Interesting concept though. According to their advertising, you can go into the library, select your books and set them aside to pick up later through the window. Nearly every library I’ve worked at has been of the opposite persuasion…take your books when you select them cause we don’t have room to store them.

I’ll write about Brisbane City Library (the squillion dollar one) next time.

Holidays and the drive through library

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