Although we completed the Learning 2.0 program at the start of the year, one of our branches is currently making a big push for their staff to complete/start the program. I am actually really happy that this has happening. Although half of the staff had already completed the lessons, the others had really only reached activity 4 (the one about posting a message to your blog and registering it).

Because extra staff are now doing the program (or finishing the program) it has again generated a buzz of excitement in the branch about these kinds of technologies. I get to monitor the program (now that the official one has finished) and it is interesting to see what other people are writing about in the Learning 2.0 blogs.

Korfball anyone?

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Web 2.0 program for one of our libraries

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  • October 3, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    Christian! How the hell do I email you these days?? I don’t have a valid email for ya! *WAAAHH!!*

    -Rob in California 🙂


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