Although I have not posted for 2 months, I haven’t actually been on holiday. No, I have been working so hard I haven’t had time to post.

A few things have been going on which are very uninteresting to people outside Brimbank: new multi-function devices (which I got roped into organising), an sms/email notification system for our patron reservations/overdues, testing and installing of the RFID self-check system (still underway) and just general ‘fix this’ type stuff.

One of the projects I have been working on in my spare time (aka the 30 minutes before I go home when I am bored with the above work) is a mobile device catalogue. This catalogue would work on PDAs, mobile phones and the like. To download the entire site (including all pictures and the like) would be 22.8kb, it is as streamlined as possible.

I am hoping to get a test version of it up and running within the next week so that I can test it on as many mobile devices as possible (and see if it actually works, until I get access to our public web server, it is all currently theoretical).

I thought some of you may have been interested in hearing about that.

m-Cat – the mobile device catalogue

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