So I’ve spent the last few weeks faffing about in our archives doing a stocktake of our pre-1990 theses collection. In 1990, the Canberra College of Advanced Education (CCAE) became accredited as a university and tada, the University of Canberra was born. My task is to work out what CCAE materials we had and ensure we had a copy in our archive and one that was loanable to students. It turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought and I’ve spent ages fixing mistakes in the catalogue.

Anyways, in my travels, I have come across a number of interesting papers (well, interesting titles anyway). And due to the wonderful power of the interweb, I can share them with you.

  1. Horsies
    We all love horsies. Some people love them so much that they write all kinds of things about them, from gambling to sexism, we have it all (well, not all, there’s only a couple really). My favourite is Burr, Sandra : Women and horses : a study of Australia’s recreational horsewomen . I love the picture of the horse ring.
  2. Boring reading
    Don’t you hate it when you’re teaching a class to students and they all doze off because the textbook chosen is boring? Well someone studied that in 1982. Newton, P. V. : An examination of reading material used in year 11 with special attention to social science texts. Only the abstract is there but the full report talks about ways (that could be exploited by a computer) on making the textbooks more usable.
  3. Enjoying your job
    I cannot find the text, but one work I was looking at was asking the question “How much do librarians like their jobs?”. It examined government librarians and surveyed them to see if they were bitter. The results said no. Ooh, found it. Barnes, Helen : The work attitudes and job perceptions of Commonwealth Government Libraians : with descriptive data on Commonwealth Government librarianship as an occupation

That’s enough for this time. Enjoy!

Interesting theses

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