I’m sitting here at home a bit bored and thought I would post onto my blog. This is totally non-librariany but it’s my blog so I don’t care.

I’ve just spent the last few hours searching YouTube for clips of old songs I like from obscure artists who noone really cares about. And I found some!

Móa (or Móei∂ur Júníusdóttir) was an Icelandic electro-funk-ish singer in the 90s. Joy and Pain was a song I heard once (just once) on MTV about 10 years ago and periodically get it stuck in my head. I have finally found a low quality version of the clip and am hooked again. Imagine the love child of Bjork and Shirley Bassey. See below.

Another I found was a clip by Sissel and Warren G called Prince Igor. It was on the Rhapsody album that was, supposedly, a cross of rap and classical music. The clip is brilliant; a story of a woman found singing on the moon.

Gosh, I just realise that I spent hours looking at two songs (okay, and I may have watched an episode of Lady Lovely Locks and a few episodes of Superted but that’s due to boredom, honest).

Also, as a plug for a mate, have a look at his daily twitter posts. He is doing a twitter story a day based on a picture that is stored at TwitPic. http://twitpic.com/photos/hiddensounds

Wasting time on YouTube

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